Can't quite indentify this calculator


My local engineering society rag came wrapped in an advertisement for life insurance that had a couple of pictures on it -- one of which I cannot quite figure out. The first is obviously an HP41C of some type:


The second is something I can't quite fathom:


It has a blue ENTER key. There is a yellow ISG label above the key below the ENTER. The key below the ENTER appears to be CHS.

Anyone know what this is? Is it a Frankenstein? Photoshop (if so, why??)?



it seems that the people who made the ad actually like ThinkPads;-)

From early 200x on, ThinkPad computers and IBM/Lenovo keyboards have a blue ENTER/Return/Endline key.

Apart from that, the photos in the brochure were surely meant to support the ad text in some way, and maybe they simply thought it looks best this way.

As you can see from the ISG/CHS key in the 2nd pic, they placed elements with PS, and maybe they also thought that a key legend like CHS/ISG looked better than "-"/x=y?

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