HP site is back to life ?


I checked today and it seems that HP is bringing its site back to life again. You can try www.hp48.com and see that it will have some info about "calculators". Unfortunately, info will be about current models, only. Ooops, current ? Let´s check what are current models for HP.


Well, www.hp48.com takes me to main HP site, nothing to do with "calculators"..



Try "calculators" in the search engine. At least for me it went to handful of documents.



indeed, the search machine finds 2285 calculator-related docs. As an example, try this one. It seems they've been reading our posts in here and found a way to show they also have their concerns about users. Interesting.

Any clue?


That link had a SYSEVAL for the 38G to get the memory size, although it stated that SYSEVAL is not supported by HP. I thanked them and asked for more SYSEVALs for the 38G and 39G. Does anybody know if these are documented anywhere?

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