Obscure 41 Custom Modules: SNEAP


Out of curiosity, anybody has some ideas about the SNEAP activities? These three 8k-modules contain FOCAL programs in French, and appear to be dedicated to science/engineering subjects.


Isn't interesting to see the far-reached presence our beloved 41 had in its peak times...


Hi Ángel,

SNEAP would most probably stand for Société Nationale Elf-Aquitaine Production, a major petrol company in France. I thought the name was familiar - that's because I spent a 6 month placement in one of their research centre (the only one? I can't recall) during my engineering degree in the 1980's.

The place was Boussens, in the foothills of the Pyrenées, not far from Toulouse. Lovely.

Anyway, SNEAP as a name doesn't exist anymore, although the research centre may still be there in one form or another (the SNEA of SNEAP is now ELF Aquitaine as part of TotalFinaElf).

I couldn't possibly speculate on what would be inside the 41 module, but the fact that it would be full of engineering (including petroleum) programs sounds exactly right.

All the best,


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