Has any one ever got the HP7470A plotter with the HP-IL interface to work with the EMU41 program, using the PL-Box in the USB port of the MAC G4, running Virtual PC 4.0? I have got to the point where the EMU41 can see all of the 82184 PLOTTER MODULE commands in my program from the plotter.bin file, but they won't execute. All of the other commands in my program will execute, for example: SEEKR, READRX, .... I tried the AUTOIO mode and the MANIO mode and I get the error message "NO PLOTTER" in AUTOIO mode and TRANSMISSION ERROR in MANIO mode. I would like some help please. Thanks in advance.


I have, using DOSBox on OS/X, however I cannot test it/doc it since my PIL-Box is dead. I just have not had the time to examine it and get it working again.

The plotter plots much faster with EMU41 running in turbo mode. I also tested EMU41 in DOSEMU on Linux with an ISA HP-IL board.


Two questions: your HP7074A (or HP7470A??) worked fine without PIL-Box but a real controller (HP41 or HP71) in the HPIL loop? With EMU41 and PIL-Box, had you been able to address other real HW in the loop?

BTW, the .bin file is for EMU41 what a plug-in module for the real HP41. So with the plotter module plugged in you will have access to the plotter commands even the plotter is not in the HPIL loop.


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