Mismatches in opcode tables from WP34s "calc a a"


Hi Paul,

I am getting some mismatches when I re-expand the compressed table (SVN 1133) and compare it to the "calc a a" version. Some of the issues seem to be in the "a a" table and some in the compressed table:

1) There seems to be significant mismatch in 0500-0624 range. Some are just that (I think) the compressed table is missing [cmplx] but "a a" is missing 0501-0503, 0519-051e, 052f-0534, 0537-0576, and 0613-0624.

2) The "a a" table is showing an a100 opcode but there is no corresponding one in the compressed table.

3) I cannot easily retain whitespace so the space in the compressed table at 0x1a20 may be difficult to deal with. (That is likely my problem and I'll think up some solution.)

4) There is new(?) CONJ opcode at 0236 in the compressed table that is missing from the "a a" table.

5) The "arg iC max=30,indirect" should be "arg iC max=0,indirect" since the 30 opcodes are already accounted for in the explicit "cmd iC" versions.

6) There is a second CONJ at 0536 in "a a" but I suspect that it should also be a [cmplx] as per #1.



The discussion has been moved to private mail as I assume it's not of enough public interest here. The result will be a working wp34s assembler. :-)

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