I don't understand why anyone would need this


There are many spare / repair parts for vintage calculators being sold on TAS, such as battery doors / latches, logic boards, rubber feet, printer idler gears, etc. But I can't understand why anyone would ever need one of these. I've never seen one of these break or be missing from a card reader. Perhaps if the seller had replaced the rubber / plastic it might have some value, but not as it is being sold. Anyways, just an idle observation.

Note: Normally at this time of day on a weekend I'd be out and about instead of posting unimportant items on this forum, however, I had hernia surgery just a week ago, and am condemned to sitting bored at home for weeks while I heal. Thank God for the internet and cable TV.


Post script. It sold for $15.50 to a buyer who has also bid on items on the French TAS. Maybe I should sell the spare keyboard buttons for an HP 38E than I broke down for parts.


The wheels usually become gummy and have to be replaced. There are other sites to get them cheaper.


Yes, but you don't have to replace the entire wheel. You can very easily rebuild them with either model airplane fuel line tubing or Viton O-rings. Besides, that wheel in the auction needed to be rebuilt anyway.

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