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I created a scientific programmable button operated calculator in JavaScript. It's somewhat inspired by HP calculators. What do you guys think of it?

It's got many functions, but one issue to note is that secondary (2nd, inv and hyp) functions aren't labeled on buttons, they're only shown in a mouseover tooltip.

Its programming ability is really easy, e.g. to calculate the integral of x^2 from 0 to 100, in RPN mode (first set the Alg dropdown to RPN), press PRGM, x^2, PRGM, 0, ENTER, 100, ENTER, 100, ENTER, INTEGRATE, and it should show 333333. (the second 100 is the number of steps for precision)

Please provide feedback.

It's here:


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My first reaction, having missed the note about the "Alg dropdown", was to paraphrase the general populace when confronted with an RPN calculator in saying: "Where's the ENTER key?" :-)

I like the "hover help". If only more "real calculators" had this feature (taking into account the HP-42, etc.).

Nice job!


It would be useful to open a new tab or window for the manual instead of replacing the calculator with the manual in the same tab/window.

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