"WP 34S", "WP 34s", "WP-34S", or "WP-34s"?


The subject says it all. What is the official name of this amazing creation? The documentation and web page (and calculator itself) are inconsistent in this, and I want to know what the official name is. Is it "WP 34S", "WP 34s", "WP-34S", or "WP-34s"?

HP has been inconsistent over the years with this, but at least they have always been consistent within the same model (though they did introduce confusion by having the "HP 10BII" and "HP 10bII" being different calculators).



I don't know :-)

- Pauli


Well until the pioneer the HP calcs had a space between the HP and the number. In the pioneers and later the space was removed.

ex. HP 35, HP 55 and later the HP32SII or 17BII+

So I propose the

"WP 34S"

since this is a (or am I mistaken) homage to the HP 34C (the first calculator to incorporate the Solve function).

Cheers, Geoff

just my 34 cents worth!

Edited: 17 June 2011, 1:33 a.m.


This proposal is perfectly consistent with the manual :-)



And it will be the same in the next firmware build :-)

- Pauli


If we want to be consistent with HP conventions prior to the pioneer, I vote for WP-34S :-)

It seems that the dash between the HP and the number appeared well before the pioneer, at least it's the case in the Hewlett-Packard Pocket Calculator Buyers Guide - Fall 1975 and in HP-65 Key Note issues starting Summer 1974 as well as in the following HP Key Notes.

Regarding the 34C the dash is also present in the HP manuals and in these sample ads: HP-33C,34C,& 38C with Continuous memory. They're ready when you are and A touch of brilliant simplicity.


Didier is correct, both with the reference and the book labelling.

All the books and reference materials state HP-34C, HP-35, HP-41C and etc. However the calculators are all branded:

"Hewlett Packard 34C, Hewlett Packard 35, Hewlett Packard 41C and etc." without the hyphen.

I was refering to the calculator not the books ;-)

Cheers, Geoff

Edited: 17 June 2011, 10:14 a.m.


Just a remark: new HP calcs use small letters vs. capitals in the model name.
"WP 34S" looks "old" to me, whereas "WP 34s" looks "new". Is this intended?


The newer calculators use smaller letters - however I think capital letters look better. I vote for WP 34S.

The work on the calculator is nothing short of amazing.

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