Just some Classics eye candy


Some photo experiments with background and lighting etc. Just HP portraits.

Except for the prototype case all these have been restored using techniques developed at this forum, by others (and myself). Just a few classics (note the HP 70 is missing, donations excepted!).

An HP 35 prototype case, note the red dot hole, clear led lens and colour:

An HP 35, one of many keyboard designs:

An HP 45, this one with the quartz crystal inplant:

An HP 55, note the faded keyboard silkscreening, UV damage combined with a very CAREFUL wash with an artists brush.

An HP 65 fully functional:

The ultimate (IMHO) LED portable programmable:

The HP 80 (where's the 70, donations welcome!)

Cheers, Geoff

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I am pretty sure the 67 is the first HP I saw and marveled at. My father's old friend, and engineer in Connecticut, showed us how to play "moon lander" in the late 70s.


I was a Junior at Georgia Tech when the HP-35 showed up in 1972. I wasn't able to afford an HP until four years later. That was the beautiful HP-67, my first HP, purchased at the MIT ["Georgia Tech of the North"] Coop. It may be Woodstock inside, but it's the best Classic beauty outside.

That HP-67 with some accessories and application pacs and Massachusetts sales tax cost me eight percent of my before-taxes **annual** salary as a US Navy lieutentant junior grade. My perpetually weak bank account balance was cleaned out and didn't recover for more than a year.


Mine was the 25 purchased in 1976 and sold in 1981 to help support my habit, my HP habit that is! Yep I sold it to purchase a 1981 HP 41C.

The HP 25 took me through 2 years of college, then 4 years flying in the bush. The HP 41C took over that duty accompanying me for two more years of university and flying and into my MSc.

The flying jobs allowed me to save the HP 41C for backup, it now had xfunctions and xmemory added as well as laser wand, 9114B and a plotter in the lab. It was superceded by the HP 41CX which I still have today.

The 41CX, 71B and 42S are swapped in and out of the flight bag with the 67 showing up for showiness. Now the 41CL will be taking over the primary flight bag roll.

I liked the IR of the 41CX along with the dynamic time function. The 71B has the dynamic time but requires HPIL and an HPIL printer making the 41CX more portable but slower. The 42S has the IR and the speed but no clock.

The 41CL has the IR, the clock and the speed in turbo! And it now has the memory capabilities (just have to learn how to use them) along with serial RS 232 ability.

WOW to the 41CL


I was in college in 1978...the kid who sat 3 chairs behind me in math had an
HP 67 (he must have been from a rich family!). If ever there were a "sexy" calculator, the 67 must be it.

Whenever I heard the card reader, the only thing keeping me from being totally lost to envy was the fact that my new 29C had continuous memory... :)


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