PPC ROM manual oddity


The PPC ROM manual that has been scanned by MoHPC has additional chapters called "Further Assistance" at the end of each routine description, listing the contributors (and related persons) names, addresses and phone numbers. I've got a manual lately (from an Australian source) which too does have these chapter headings, but it's missing the name, address and phone entries (these chapters appear blanc, that means). Does anyone know why my edition of the manual is missing these informations?


Just a guess - maybe PPC published a version for non-members. I noticed on the Jake Schwartz PPC CD-ROMs, one of the early issues of the journal said it included a list of all members with contact info, but those pages were deleted from the CD-ROM - maybe a courtesy on Jake's part.


Yes, might well be; thanks for your response!


On the original PPC ROM manual, all those "Further Assistance" entries were complete with names and phone numbers. On my scan of the book on PPC CD ROM #2, all that info is there.... it's from my original manual.


I've got the MoHPC CD's with a manual scan containing the full "Further Assistance" information (is that identical with your scan?). As I felt that it's a nice idea to have it (although it's probably of no benefit any more today), I've been a little bit disappointed to realize that those information were omitted in my manual. B.t.w., my copy was printed in 1981; maybe some of the addresses have become invalid by that time so that the "assistance-entries" were omitted from later copies for the sake of preventing confusion? I don't know (but would like to :-) ). However, thanks a lot for your input, Jake!

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