HP41 and IR Module


I have just bought a 82242A IR module for my 41. It's not obvious to me whether bi-direction IR comms is possible with this module alone or at all with additional module/s. Can anyone clarify.


The 82242A Infrared Printing Module for the HP-41 is not bi-directional. It is able to transmit only. It was designed to work exclusively with the HP82240A (&B) printer, which is receive only. The module contains all of the printing functions of the standard HP-41 printers (HP82143, HP82162 / -IL) and some additional functions necessary for the implementation of the remote printer link. From other posts on this forum, it sounds like HP designed an application card for the HP-48 that would capture printed output from the HP-41, and others seem to have designed custom devices to do so for a PC.


Correct. There was a HP-41 emulation card (HP82210A). I'm a lucky owner of this card.

HP-41CV (not CX) programs could be transferred to the 48SX and executed. You can write XROM commands in RPL (the 48 language) and execute these commands in the emulator mode as "HP-41" commands.

I didn't test that extensively because I'm a HP-71 man deep in my heart (yes, I also have the 41 translator pack for the 71B).

I got my first HP-41 (C) abt. half a year ago.


Thanks for the clarification guys.

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