WP34s STATs Prediction Question


I either don't understand how this function works or there is a bug with it...

I enter the following X & y values with Sigma+


With each entry the wp34s shows the number of entries as expected.

I do a STAT BestF then I key h-6(L.R.) and the top area says Power. X register is -6.09818323034e-14 and y register is 2. So far so good.

Now I key in 4 and press f-6 for a predicted y but instead of 16 I get 8.

Edited: 11 June 2011, 9:15 p.m.


Looks like a bug. I know I had this working at one stage :-(
Fix will come.

- Pauli


I believe it is a general fitting error as Exp mode doesn't work either. It seems the linear model is used no matter what.


The parameters were being calculated correctly using the appropriate model but a linear model was used after that. Must have lost the correct code somewhere along the line :-(

Updated version is in subversion now.

- Pauli

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