CCD OS/X Revisited


I don't know you fellow MCODER's but every time I start thinking that I'm getting the knack of MCODE I turn to the CCD Module to get humbled again - and this time hasn't been the exception either...

Nevertheless I managed to squeeze another twist to the wondrous CCD OS/X module - in case you aren't familiar it's a 4k subset of the CCD-Module containing the OS extensions, put together by Raymond Del Tondo many moons ago. (That was a feat worth admiring, I always wonder: did he have access to the source code from W&W??)

This enhancement consists of adding the "Prompt Lengthener" from the MLROM to the same bag of tricks. It's a very nice addition to the OS/X tool kit - so you can extend the length of the prompting functions to three fields just by pressing the "ON" key while the prompt is up. Further pressing "EEX" adds a one to the left, for the thousand's parameter... way to go!

Obviously there's a price to pay, in this case space:- I removed the function INPT to make for the required room, not a big loss to my standards (I've never used it) but if you need it then stick to the original instead. Trades, choices... such is life.

Available at a TOS near you in a few days.


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