re-release of the voyager with matrix, solve, integrate & complex numbers


I don't use the known name for this voyager, because everything in this forum will be found in cleartext on TSS !

I was just poking around to find a source to buy the above mentioned HP-calc that should be out in mid of june. Interestingly, someone from the same company that the first rumor originated (BC) responded to me with this:

The **-15* will be released in early 2012. Drop me another email in December of this year so that I can update you with more information.


If this is true, I can relax again and do other things in the meantime!

Are there other sources (confidential/informal/official) that point into the same timeslot?



Are there other sources (confidential/informal/official) that point into the same timeslot?

30th anniversary of introduction of original.

Well, since the 15 (if real) won't be around until next year (we can continue to hope that it eventually materializes), what is the story on the rumors about a special edition 12? I know, not quite as interesting, but at least a new HP RPN calc to play with. What would be really nice is a 12 with a little more programming capability--just delete/insert would be a great addition. I do realize that even if the rumors of a special edition 12 are true the likelihood is that it will be exactly the same calc with a "special" edition case.



Special edition 12c? We already have the Platinum, Platinum 25th Anniversary, 12c+. What else?


Special edition 12c? We already have the Platinum, Platinum 25th Anniversary, 12c+. What else?

Diamond 30th Anniversary?


Diamond 30th Anniversary?

This puzzled me, because I always thought Diamond was 75th. I thought, maybe diamond is traditionally 30th in UK. But no, (30th is pearl in both US and UK), I find that "traditional" isn't good enough any more (surprise, surprise). Now there's "modern" US, where indeed 30th is diamond. Bah!


The amount of divorces rises even in God's own country, so diamonds have to come down ;-)

(BTW, we have passed our 31st recently :-)


The amount of divorces rises even in God's own country, so diamonds have to come down ;-)

I see your point! The modern way: don't try to improve the results, just dumb down the standard.
(BTW, we have passed our 31st recently :-)

Congrats. We celebrate 34th tonight!

Some rumor came out at the same time as the 15C rumor. That is what I was basing my question on.

The same rumor also mentioned a 50 replacement.

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The same rumor also mentioned a 50 replacement.

Me wantsss!!! :D As much as I love the 34s (and the 35s and other scientifics) I really, really love the graphic RPL calcs... Color screen and native OS (not emulated Saturn code) please? :)



<Grin> Don't get too excited. I am just repeating a (relatively weak IMHO) rumor. Does that make it a rumor of a rumor?

The only thing that makes me think that this might actually happen is that the 50 is relatively old and several companies (two?) have delivered color screen calcs recently. Maybe HP will try to catch up.

Also there was that thread a while back where Tim Wessman was asking for info on current draw for the competitions' color screen units. Does this presage something new on the horizon? Maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part but one can always hope!

In addition to the features you mention give me a full width ENTER^ key where it is supposed to be!



I'm also Hp50 addict ;)

Color screen and native OS would be marvelous. I no longer need the CAS which I think would be the most difficult to implement.

Even with no color, just a better display resolution would be fine

It would be marvelous but i'm not very optimistic about a HP51G or a new RPL calculator



Diamond 30th Anniversary?

According to this...

at least in the U.S.


dona nobis pacem


We will have our 30th in January 2012. I look forward to buying my wife a 30th Anniversary 15c as a gift. ;-)





are you buying the calculator for your wife or for your self ;-)


hpnut in Malaysia


<g> Please see above.


Yes. Beware of the dog house link




You just need the right wife: mine is off analyzing her space telescope data, with her 32S.

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