WP 34S 2.0 is going to come


Hi all,

Unless something very bad will happen, we will be making a feature and layout freeze shortly based on what's in now. This means we think what's documented works (and vice versa). We are content with what our baby does now, will build a zipped package again including the manual and an overlay file, and release it for beta testing. Then we'll lay back d;-) and switch to maintaining the functionality, if any bugs shall be found by you (for sure there will :-/ ).

For sake of clarity: The new package is not built yet. It will be soon.



Hi Walter,
While I'm happy to see the stable package taking a leap, this news has put me in a state of "panic", as there is a "deadline" now to ask for new features! :)
Speaking of which... The key "MEM" on the HP35s opens a nice "Memory catalog" where it shows how many free bytes you have for programs, and it also shows a catalog of all the installed programs and their lengths. And it shows the defined variables, too. I think it's very useful, and used it all the time.
I couldn't find anything like that in the 34s - I searched through the manual and couldn't find anything (which doesn't mean it isn't there, just that I didn't find it...)
So, is such a functionality present on the 34s? If not, could it be added? :)



Ciao Cristian,

Don't panic :-) The number of free program steps is displayed in programming mode all the time. We don't feature variables, only registers - they may be checked individually using VIEW. A list of all the programs in memory is the only information missing :-/ We'll think about it.



If you label your programs 'correctly' with an alpha label, the label browser will do nicely four you. Here is a small guideline how a program could be designed:

alpha 'WOW prog'
LBL 00
<hotkey A function goes here>
GTO 00
GTO 00

This can be put into flash or user memory and run via the CAT function. The program stops after a short message. The PC is pointing before the hotkey labels. Pressing such a key will find its next occurrence in the current program space, making sure that the function matching the selected program is executed. The GTO 00 ensures that this is true for the next keypress after the piece of code has executed. Keep the local labels (00 to 99) apart between programs or use BACK and SKIP instead to make sure all GTO or XEQ commands find their target and you can put several programs with complete hotkey support in a flash bank or user memory.


Marcus, thank you for your reply, but I can't really follow it. Maybe I should study the manual more, but I really can't understand your example. Is it supposed to be a way to organize programs? So that A, B and so on are my programs, and WOW is a sort of "container" for them all?



My outline describes a somewhat evolved application which makes use of the hot keys for various sub functions. If you have more of these in RAM or flash, you need to make sure that hitting one of the A to D keys executes the subroutine in the correct application.


As Walter said, registers are fixed -- no variables. Free program steps are show in program mode always -- everything that doesn't reference an alpha label takes one step with no exceptions. Alpha labels take two. Much better than bytes free :-)

Marcus wants a register (& flash backup browser) which *might* get added and might be left as a user program. We're undecided at this point.

Alpha labels have their own browser. So you can see defined "programs" but not their lengths.

Oh and, new features delay/prevent a solid release.

There will almost certainly be a 34s successor -- 34sx, 43s, ???.




Oh and, new features delay/prevent a solid release.

I gladly accept a delay (I always update with svn anyway) if that means extra capability! :)
But I understand that you want to "slow down" a little after all this frantic coding!


There will almost certainly be a 34s successor -- 34sx, 43s, ???.

Hear, hear - should I buy some more HP30b's while they last? :) And what about the possibility of repurposing other atmel machines (i.e. the newest 12c)? :)



Ancora una volta: Unless something very bad will happen (like somebody appearing with a groundbreaking idea changing life, the universe, and everything) we will release 2.0 very soon. With a probability of 99.73% it will not feature a MEM command for the reasons mentioned above already.

Ooh, and any 34s successors are "ungelegte Hühnereier" so far, which translates to "vaporware" pretty well IMHO.


Edited: 6 June 2011, 9:24 a.m.


And what about the possibility of repurposing other atmel machines (i.e. the newest 12c)? :)

We're not going to work on a 12c based device. The display of the 30b is a hurdle in more than a few respects and the 12c's is much much worse.

- Pauli


We're not going to work on a 12c based device. The display of the 30b is a hurdle in more than a few respects and the 12c's is much much worse.

Well, look at those 32c and 33cs machines at this site: ;-)


(on the right column a few pages down)

Wouldn't these be worth working on it? :-)))


Edited: 7 June 2011, 4:56 a.m.


They both require reworked displays and thus quantities in the tens of thousands. No thanks.

I suspect the 34s has more capabilities already :-)
Actually, I'm pretty sure of it.

- Pauli

Edited: 7 June 2011, 5:00 a.m.


Hallo Franz,

The site you linked to didn't change in the last 4 - 5 years. The models presented there are from a time when wishing was meant to help, but a bit "parareal" :-)


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