I'm working on a web page for my collection of HP Calculators & Computers and I still need a couple of scans with permission to use. Specifically an HP-100LX and an HP-620LX.

I intend to credit the copyright owner(s) and will also include links to the Museum of HP Calculators as well as the provider's page if desired.




I see no one has responded, Maybe because I forgot to ask the question. I still need these two photographs can anyone advise me where I might find them?


can you use a photo of a 95 or 200 instead of a 100?


yes, although I'm trying to depict the HP models I've owned/used over the years. I skiped the 95 and before I could afford the 200 the HP-620LX was announced. as usual my plans changed. Anyway I think I could use the 200 photo to pose as a 100. It seems like there was very little external differences if I remember correctly.

Please advise



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