Somewhat OT: WOIM


After having worked a few years on a comprehensive description system, WOIM has now reached a mature and stable level.

It's an Outliner, a TODO-list solution, a project management tool, a Business Process Management aid, a data modeler, a Use Case facilitator, a way to describe the human DNA or the history of the universe ;)

It is the notation I use for sketching new ideas, when outlining new FOCAL or MCODE programs or when structuring a technical architecture. I use it for meeting minutes, for Use Cases, for logical breakdowns of ideas, for Business Process implementations and for so much more.

And there is a software solution that tags along with it; A WOIM plugin for the best text editor in the world (VIM :) With this plugin you can handle WOIM lists in many sophisticated ways, all neatly syntax highlighted of course.

Just wanted to let you know. More at my blog.


best text editor in the world (VIM :)

Dang, time to upgrade from vi :)


Indeed :)

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