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Has anyone seen pictures of how the original Classics (55, 65) were packed with all their OEM items in the cardboard boxes? I searched last night and struck out.


It depends. Some came with plastic hard cases (35,45,65) or metal hard case (80), and the cardboard boxes were only used for shipping. The 55 and 67 had a 2-part box with an insert, similar to Woodstocks and Spices, and the 70 had a hard shipping box with an insert.


I have a 55 with the box & inserts.

Have both manuals, property labels, charger and pad. What I can't quite figure out is how it was packed in there. Seems like everything will flop all around too easy for shipping.


Do you also have the soft vinyl zipper case?


yes and service card

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It's possible that the HP-55 was also supplied with the same plastic hard case used for the HP-45 and HP-65. I just checked the museum listing for the HP-55, and it shows one with accessories in a plastic hard case.

Also, I checked the HP-55 manuals and the Owner's handbook in Appendix A, page 85, states that the standard accessories include a "Travel Safety Case." However, the addenda for the manual printed February 1975 says to "delete the reference to the travel safety case." So, either the case was initally supplied and then later deleted to reduce cost, or it was never supplied in the first place. I also have an Owner's Handbook, dated December 1974, and the previous owner has lined out the travel safety case.

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so does this arrangement look right with Pad on top?

Still note, there is 1/2" or more above the pad. Was there another piece of cardboard filler?

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It's possible that you are missing a bottom filler piece that fits between the bottom of the box and the cutout filler piece. Some boxes such as the one for my HP-25C are made that way.

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