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I bought a golden HP 12C+ (uses 2 CR2032 Coin Cell) today (Serial no. 4CY01300046 Can anyone decode this?) to replace my old broken down 12C (can't power on) and 12c platinum 25th Anniversary Version (Body's loosing after I dropped it on the floor during exams). I still have one healthy 12C which is made in 1984.

I chose 12c rather than 12cp because I prefer 12c's larger and bolder digit and annunciator. But I missed 12cp's 400 program steps (In practice, I didn't use all 400 steps and I found that it's quite trouble to locate the 2nd program to run in 12cp). I don't use ALG and I don't like to press Shift key to do backspacing or Undo an operation.

The keyboard of this new 12C+ keyboard is good. It responds quickly and not mushy.

For calculation, it's really faster than my old 12c, especially computing IRR. I love it.

However, I found that this 12C+'s self test does not show "-8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8" like what the user guide describes. At first, I thought the first 12C+ that I got is a faulty machine. Then, I asked for a change. When I get the second 12C+ (i.e. the current one on my hand), it also cannot show "-8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8" as well. But when I enter some figures to try out NPV, IRR and Bond Calculation, this 12C+ gives correct answer. It's strange. As it gives correct answer, I think my 12C+ works properly and didn't ask for a change again. Can any user enlighten me on this matter?


Does the manual you received talk about a self test mode? Is there a paper in there that has an addendum?

The old "self tests" may not even be there any more. We were definitely talking about completely removing it at some point. I am 100% certain that both the original unit and your replacement were working fine though.

The new self test menu can be reached by turning the unit off, then press and hold both G and ENTER. When you power on, release the G and ENTER and you will be in the new test system.


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Thanks for reply me.

My current 12C+ on my hand is the second one after I requested the vendor to changed another 12C+ with new more environmental friendly paper package. It does have a Quick User Guide and a CD with full User's Guide. It no longer provides printed full User's Gude. I didn't find any paper addendum.

Then, I found Katie's posts about the change of self-test of 12C+. I could perform new self test. My 12C+ is running a 2008-06-28 firmware.

I put in Tony Hutchins' Black-Scholes Program to 12C+ (included in 12C user's guide). It gives answer terribly faster than old 12C.




Pending your response to Tim's questions, it sounds to me like your 12C+ has an older version of the firmware. If I recall correctly, the "original" 12C self-tests did not work quite right in the first 12C+ units. See the following threads for information on the various versions and how to tell which one you have:

Katie Wasserman’s original review

12C+ thread

another 12C+ thread

yet another 12C+ thread

Also found
this one. Did it take you nearly 2 years to get your calculator?

I think your serial number decodes as follows:

4CY - made in Chinese factory coded 4CY
0 - year 2010
13 - week 13
00046 - individual unit no.

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Jeff O.:

Yes, it takes almost 2 years to get this 12C+. In Hong Kong, most people who needs a financial calculator are usually buy either a TI BAII Plus or Casio. In HK, the price of 12C is almost a double of TI and Casio. At the store that I bought my 12C+, a 12C+ is selling at HK$650 (around US$83.55). A 12C Platinum sells at HK$750 (around US$96.40). A TI BAII Plus costs HK$320 (US$41.30). That's why HP calculators are rare in HK as it costs more.

Thanks for decoding the serial no. Also, thanks for the help to posting Katie's posts about 12C+.




I myself find that I use the 12c+ more than the Platinum. I ended up giving the Platinum to my dad.


I myself find that I use the 12c+ more than the Platinum. I ended up giving the Platinum to my dad.

Same as you. Seems that 12c+ is the fastest in 12C/12CP family. With RPN, you will addicted to 12c+.

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