HP-41 Repair Parts


Been thinking about commissioning a couple of parts.

1. New flex circuit to replace corroded battery terminals.
2. Stamped plates to reinforce broken holes on calculator backs

I'd appreciate some honest feedback on what "the market might bear" on these two items.

Please reply to my email if you care to vote.


Both projects are worthy but lets see if they have been done before as your expense may not outway the benefits from and easy repair:

Reinforcing the rear shell screw holes can be accomplished easily with spare plastic pieces:

I can't find the original article I posted but the above photos show the main points. I am only posting this as this is an extremely easy fix and cheap versus a prefab piece and associated costs. Of course, I may have misinterpreted your intent. If so, sorry.

As far as the ribbon battery contact idea, have you seen:

Deigo Diaz site

Is this the ribbon contact you are refering to. I have used three of these and they are fantastic!

Hope this helps and again if I misinterpreted your intent I apologize ahead of time.

Cheers, Geoff

Edited: 1 June 2011, 1:50 p.m.


The Flex PCB works for me. That is very similar to what I was thinking, but have an open conversation with a protyping shop I work with discussing how to make new ones in small batches. I don't think they can make for the price we're willing to pay, so Diego's approach may win the day.

On the plastic idea, I'll sketch something and post it.

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