What is going on?


I won a VER$ 0AAAA 71B prototype complete with box, manuals and card reader on TAS for only $405!!! Not long ago, that would have been the asking price for a 'regular' production version complete boxed 71B.

There seems to be a few other rare listings on TAS at the moment (like an Xpander) for 'low' prices and not selling. Has the world's economy died, or is there no longer any interest in HP rare stuff and prototypes?

Don't get me wrong, i'm VERY happy, but my maximum bid was MUCH higher than $405 ready for the last 10 seconds of bidding frenzy ... I'm just really surprised that there wasn't more interest. Cheers, Keith

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Just to highlight this, I found this old link to 'regular' 71B selling prices: Link to old thread

Cheers, Keith

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There seems to be a downturn. I recently got a 1BBBB in good shape with HPIL for £37. Even though it's not boxed, this would easily go for over £100 in the past.


It's all in your mind Keith, just the high $AU playing havoc with your brain :-)



Haha yes it's hard to get used to!


Keith.. congrats on the win.. I, too was watching that.

FYI, My data suggests October and May are among the two slowest buying/sales month on ebay. I think because of the holidays and vacations. Perhaps the decreased competition makes it easier to win rare listings??


Thanks Allen. Interesting - good to know that someone is keeping records. There must also be a corresponding drop in the number of items listed at those times for the same reasons.

I guess there also aren't too many people collecting the protos - i'm not even really sure why I do! So if a few aren't actively monitoring, then there will be less bids. Cheers, Keith

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