Hand Held Products HP-41 EPROM Box


I located an old EduCALC Catalog #25 (c) 1995, page 12.


It says:


An EPROM box the size and shape of a card reader! It plugs in just like a card reader (using one port), but it stores up to 32K of EPROM storage. Now you can have huge application programs or giant amounts of fixed data at your

Application areas include survey calculations, oil field computation, flight support insurance analysis and other areas where small size and large memory requirements are essential. Programming the EPROMs can be accomplished
through the EPROM Programmer (Stock #MC-506) or for larger and faster programming requirements leased equipment from Hand Held Products is available.

For additional information call (704) 541-1380 [NOTE: phone number no longer valid] or write for literature, Stock #A-526 LIT.

Stock #A-526 [HHP-PE including 8K blank EPROM]

List $349.00 Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery ..... $335.95"

Does anyone know how to reprogram it. The unit appears to have 16K EPROM installed. I recently sold it to another individual for what I paid. We have been trying to learn how to use it (asidxe from running the programs already loaded).

The unit with no directions or instructions. Does anyone know how this was/is programmed? Do you recognize the collection of programs installed now? I have a list of programs and functions in it now. 'PROGRAMS are written in
user code, and FUNCTIONS are written in mcode. I also have three pictures of it. The locations were determined using the CCD Modules CAT function.





-- port 2 lower -----









-- port 2 upper -----















-- port 4 lower -----












































-- port 4 upper -----


























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