ATTENTION 41CL Early Adopters


If you were on the list for one of the first batch of 41CL

circuit boards you should have received an email with a link

to the order form last week. To date I have only received

replies from eleven out of twenty people. I should be ready

to start shipping next week, so if you want to maintain your

place on the list please email me to that effect. If you know

that you want to pass on the offer I would appreciate an email

to that effect too. I'll send a confirmation email to those of

you who have replied so you know that I have your information.

Thanks, Monte


If someone does not want his board, I will take it... ;)
Please let me know


If you have trouble moving all of those unclaimed units I'd be happy to help out with one.


If you send me an email directly so that I have a way to contact you I'll put your name on the list.


I didn't get an e-mail...



You have email, hopefully the first one went through but another sent today!

Port cover to follow by snail mail!



monte, i am in for one, or (better) two.

best regards,


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