HP41 MLDL2000 add-on wins Distinctive Excellence award


With some pride I am happy to announce that my ARM-based expansion for the MLDL2000 V2 has won a Distinctive Excellence award in the Circuit Cellar NXP mbed Design Challenge. The list of DE awards and winners can be found here.

For those interesting in a demo, please have a look at youtube here.

Next step is to make this into something real, as this currently exists only on a breadboard on my desk ...



that is awesome Meindert, Congratulations!!!

Sorry that I fell of the earth a bit for the last few month, new job, moving, and some other non-friendly stressors have moved my HP-41 all but out of reach. I have not written a line of code or read an article or done any such thing for months....

Heartfelt congrats to you though, this is phenominal!!!




Meindert, congrats!

It was fun to help you with your project. :-)



I am eagerly awaiting the MLDL2000 V2!


I like how you extend the 41 with ethernet a lot!

That opens up a whole new world of possibilities :-)

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