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I know the issue is complex, and the designers had indeed put much attention trying to harmonize many criteria, including color assignments, proximity of related functions, frequency of use, menu access, and many other aspects. However, as happy and grateful as I am with the 34S, I would like to mention that the up and down arrows on the 34S are just one position off from the original 30B layout.

If the blue shift key in the original 30B were to be assigned to XEQ, the arrows may be kept in their original place, easing the current labeling issues. In fact, I think that the arrow keys, numeric entry keys and basic math symbols could be kept, perhaps with just new front-side stickers. As finger-induced wearing may affect the top-surface labels, I feel that an attempt to keep original printing where possible may be considered.

Just my AR$ 0.12



This has been discussed here:


My AR$ 0.08 (I ask for less :-)


Gerson, thank you for pointing it out. Perhaps I briefly read it at the time, but now it's different with a "real" 34S here...

Let's see how good those vinyl stickers can be... or we may ask (again) to HP, not for a 43S but just for a "blacknut" 30B...



I would like to mention that the up and down arrows on the 34S are just one position off from the original 30B layout.

Please note this problem is a transient one only. Who - outside of the financial world - will care about the layout of the 30B when the 34S is stable? d;-)

Just my 20m€ (knowing it's slightly less than the amount you mentioned ;-)



Walter, thank you for your answer and for your friendly references to our local details, I really appreciate them.

Granted; if the vinyl overlays work as expected, or if HP (or someone else) offers a "blacknut" 3Xx (legendless and flashable) calculator, most keyboard issues will become moot. I agree. At least for me, I will not miss 30B functionality at all!

Best regards,

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