Some minimal information about roms in the upcoming 41CL library...


41CL Manual

The HP 41CL is nearing completion! Yay! On pages 18-21 of the 41CL manual, linked to above, are the ROMs that Monte has included on the 41CL flash, which again is another YAY.

However, even I have some questions on some of these ROMs as to what they even are, much less what functions are on them or even how large they are. I mean, what is the Advantage Applications rom and how would I find out? :-)

So... I'm hoping that collectively we can help put together some sort of minimal documentation on as many of these roms as we can.

Perhaps, something like this:

Link to list of functions/programs: Http://....
(and yes, I know some of those links will be to TOS).

I will be glad to coordinate information if sent to me. I plan to make a presentation on using the 41CL at HHC 2011 and this would help people see this as more user friendly.



Perhaps the HP-41 Module Database might be a place to host this information. I put together this page with the help of Matthias' module list.

Some time ago I started to collect information about HP-41 modules but didn't progress due to many other projects. However, search for the 'CCD A' module and click on the name, then you see how it may look like.


Great. Can I get that table in a .csv (or excel) format?

But it shows part of the problem. One of the first modules listed is the advantage applications rom. What is that? :-)

If I can get the table referenced into Excel, I can add a column for links to documentation (if any).


The module list is available on TOS as PDF document. It needs some cut&paste operations to get it into Excel. Well, it might be quite difficult to get information about not-so-common (or in eBay slang: EXTREMLY RARE) modules.


the advantage applications rom. What is that? :-)

JF-Garnier put that one thogether. It's a ROM version of the Advantage applications published on the Grapevine booklets, a nice job indeed. It has the three sections you'd expect: EE, Binary, Statics.

WRT the ROM inventory, I kept an Excel sheet for a while including many of the modules. I stopped updating it a long time ago, I think I sent it to Jürgen too. It goes to the function level, so you have a list of functions per module, per XROM, per type, etc... Will send it to you tomight.



So, what documentation (apart from finding the Grapevine book for the Advantage rom) exists for the Advantage applications rom?

What documentation exists for a lot of these? :-)

This will be a work in process. Link below will be to the current version of this document, which I will attempt to update.

FEEL FREE to download the document and add information. :-)

I hope you can see what I'm trying to do with this...

Excel version of HP 41 module list with 41CL notes and documentation links


Some of the images aren't even documented on TOS...

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