Testing functionality of older HP calculators


Hi everyone, I've got a few older HPs listed on ebay (a couple 45's, a 46, a 32s, and a 12c, username slattery52), and I'd like to be one hundred percent sure they're in full working order before they sell.
If all the basic arithmetic functions work, can it be reasonably assumed that all the more advanced functions will work as well? Alternately, is there a list of tests for more advanced RPN functions somewhere?


The 12c and 32s have self tests. The 45, 46 are basically ok if all keys respond properly, e.g. 4 key displays 4, 1 shift e^x displays 10, etc. Enter all 8's to verify all LED segments and chs for mantissa and exponent. Also you can test the storage registers 1 thru 9 by storing and recalling a number.

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Thanks for your help.

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