Questions about "flashing" a 30B


I would like to receive comments about the following questions:

a) Comments about incompatibility of SAM-BA and Windows 7 appeared elsewhere, suggesting to only use it on Win XP and machines with a physical serial port. While I still have accesss to one of these, I also read (Atmel web site) that SAM-BA is compatible with Windows 7 and with USB serial ports that support CDC (Communication Device Class). Would this work? BTW, I just received the special serial cable.

b) Which is the device type in the HP 30B (SAMxxyy)?

c) What are the steps to replace original firmware with a new image?

d) How critical is to use an external power supply during the "flash" operation?

I know most of this information has been already discussed and posted over the last months. It may be good if some of the experts uploads an article to the Articles Forum on the MoHPC, so information is easier to locate (compared with volatile forum threads).

Thanks in advance,



Here's the link to the file in my Dropbox:

Flashing a 20b PDF

If that does not work, email me and I will send the PDF.

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It worked fine, thank you!!



a) SAM-BA, serial port and windows7
- I don't know about win7, but Sam-Ba does not work well with USB serial coms... seomthing having to do with the fact that USB is packet based and serial byte based, creates timing issues with most serial designed communication protocols.
I developped an alternative to SAM-BA, which work better, but I was told that it was not detecting serial ports under win7.
bottom line, XP and physical com port is best...

b) Which is the device type in the HP 30B (SAMxxyy)?
- AT91SAM7L128

c) What are the steps to replace original firmware with a new image?
- connect all, press on reset on cable, press and hold erase on cable, turn calc on, relase erase, press reset on cable, turn calc on (it will not show anything), start SAM-BA program, at end of download, press reset again on cable.

d) How critical is to use an external power supply during the "flash" operation?
- not at all. if you run out of power, repeat as above with new batteries.



I've had no problem using SAM-BA V2.6 (you need a patch that includes the AT91SAM7L128) under WinXP and Win7-32bit with USB-to-serial port adapters (I've used 2 different ones). It also works fine on both op-sys with a real serial port, naturally.

That said, I did have some trouble with a later version of SAM-BA with USB-to-serial adapters that I tried.



For me SAM-BA.EXE V2.10 works fine under WinXP in a virtual machine on my Mac. In very rare occasions the transmission hangs and I have to repeat the process: Stop SAM-BA, reset and turn on the calculator (no need to erase again), restart SAM-BA and repeat the download.

In any case, don't forget to set the "Boot from flash" bit before you stop the GUI!

Cyrille, I've heard that MySamba has a problem flashing the recent wp34s images which are shorter than 128KB. I leave some space free for data at the end of the flash memory. Does this cause trouble?


Thank you all, Gene, Katie, Cyrille, Marcus, for your comments! Best regards.



Would it be possible to email me a copy of SAM-BA v2.6 with the patch? I have v2.10 and it won't work for me on my Win7 virtualization with USB->Serial Adapter. I can't locate a download for 2.6 anywhere online (perhaps I am not looking in the right places). I would really appreciate this.

Thanks so much,



You've got PM


Hi Katie,

If possible, I would like to ask you for the same files. My address is a . rodriguez at ieee . org (of course, spaces around the dots are to be removed).

Thank you in advance, best regards.


They're on the way....


My spare 30b has just arrived - dirt cheap! Here is the eBay BIN auction. This was even a good deal despite the $21 postage to Germany. They have still some units available.

My eBay ID: mvcube

This is the unit which will be permanently converted to wp34s.


They are quite cheap and the seller seems to have a good supply. These seem to be store returns (as I read it) as they are not in the original packaging and might have some scratches. I'm curious if all the keys work nicely, etc..


Mine seems to be fine so far.


Katie, I know it's an old thread, but I have two 30bs I bought from that seller; both came without the box, but in totally flawless conditions. Everything is perfect on both, including the keys.



Thanks for the feedback!!!


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