Geoff Quickfall


Does anyone know if Geoff's book on HP Voyager restorations is still available? His email is not public. Any advice appreciated.Cheers, Theo


As far as I read here, it's still not yet finished. Everyone is waiting for it and is bugging Geoff to keep on finalizing it.


I talked to Geoff personally, he is targeting San Diego, barring the job, house, car and life ;-)




... he is targeting San Diego....

And for the uninitiated, by this he means he is targeting the timeframe of the HHC2011 HP Calculator Conference in San Diego, to be held in September. For additional information, please check .



And, he's also targeting reuniting some of his friends with some of their calculating friends who were in the large pile Geoff graciously agreed to repair?





maybe sooner!




Hey, I know lots of us are looking forward to your book. It will be a great addition to the knowledgebase.

Thanks in advance.


A not-to-infrequent occurrence in retro-based forums and newsgroups is a subject containing just a name with the message body the start of an obituary.

Glad to know you're still around Geoff.


This was might first thought too :-(
Thankfully, it hasn't happened.

- Pauli


I am working on my Obituary, but I am hoping it doesn't get published for at least another 40 years!!!!



Come on, Geoff, we don't want to find your book to be completed in 40 years still ;-)

BTW, my first thoughts were like Pauli's ...

Many happy landings! :-)


Hello Geoff,

40 years... this is the very least I wish you :-)

I don't show up very often on this forum (so much to learn from you all...). So I grab the opportunity to tell you that I'm very interested in your book.

The excerpts I've already seen clearly show that this is an outstanding work. Congratulations ! Please, would you add me on your list ? Thank you very much.

Regards from France,

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