HP67 for the Android


I've just about completed a version of my HP-67 simulator for the Android operating system. Just need to complete packaging it for the Android app marketplace.

Since I have an HTC EVO device, that happens to be the one I tested. So, right now, the compatible Android phones would have these specifications:

1. 480*800 display

2. Touch screen

You can go to here to find devices with the above specs.

Just wondering how many of you out there would be interested in this.

Also, if you happen to have Android-based phones, what models do you have?

I plan to expand the screen size support to include other models, but want to get an idea of what everyone's using at the moment.




I'm very interested in calculator programs for my Evo. I consider it a huge stroke of luck you are developing on the phone I own. :)


I would be very interested in an Android simulator for this model in particular. I have a Motorola Droid (original model) with a screen resolution of 480 x 854.


Any chance for you porting the HP-67/97 emulators to the iPad/iPod?



Definitely a chance. However, I don't much care for Apple's development agreement.


Samsung Galaxy S 480x800

Thanks, I'm interested in using the Simulator too.


Hi Mike,

1. 480*800 display

2. Touch screen

My Archos 70 should then qualify, too. Not a phone but an Internet device, running Andiroid 2.2 (if I'm not mistaken).


I have a Motorola MB502, a.k.a. "Charm", with Android 2.2 (?) and a 320 x 240 touch screen. I run Free42 on it, although the screen looks not even near to the iPod Touch 4 (960 x 480), where I also run Free42 and/or 42S. I would ask for a low-res skin for phones like mine. I read that the MB502 is exclusively sold in the USA by T.Mobile.


That screen size would be a challenge more from a readability/usability standpoint. I'm game though ;)


I am definitely interested.

Motorola Droid (1)
version 2.2.2 (FRG83G)



I'm definitely interested. I have an Archos 43 (odd but large 854*480 resolution, hope it won't be a problem).

When is the release coming ? anyway to betatest it ? :)

I would also be very interested in an Iphone version.

Is your simulator complete ? Any known problems / differences with the original ? does it do import/export through a virtual card reader ?
Many thanks, best regards,



The simulators are pretty complete. You can check out the desktop version at my website (see website link in original post). If you haven't already played with those, you can get a pretty good idea of the fidelity.

The mobile version is a java port of my desktop versions for Android. I added some extra features in the desktop version - such as auto loading data and program cards - which I haven't yet ported in the mobile version.

Programs written in the desktop versions and mobile versions are interchangable between any version. Drop files on the phone connected in USB disk drive mode and from phone to computer to share.

Also, obvious things like program listings, internals trace windows, available on the desktop versions are not practical in the mobile version.

I'm planning on having it out there in the next couple days.

Edited: 16 May 2011, 5:38 p.m.


HTC Desire Z 480x800.

I'm interested because I have a real HP67.



Wow, got some good ideas on the Android models that are out there.

I'll fold this into the mobile version as quickly as I can. Shooting for this weekend to work on getting a release out to the android Market.



Thanks Mike !
Can you tell us which resolution(s) will be supported ?


I think I can add 480*835 support fairly easily.

(in addition to the 480*800 size).


What about 854*480 ?


Hi Mike,

Can you give us the status of the emulator ? will it be released any time soon ? can't wait ! :)

Thanks and cheers,


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