ebay 380123273833 wtf ?




Far out! I've got one of those I'd give to somebody who wants it.


"Out of stock temporarily---please check back soon...thank you"



$5 for shipping? That's outrageous!


Wow! I'd say it's a case of "now that I have your attention, i'll have more coming soon" ... perhaps the high price is to stop people from buying something that's out of stock. Or maybe it's *nearly* as good as the $7,000 HP35 that was listed a few months back. Cheers, Keith


The vendor states this:

This HP Leather Pouch comes with the magnetic Flap to keep it shut.

How sensitive would a HP12C be to magnetic fields?

Any experiences with this?

However, for only 999 bucks its a real bargain, isn't it?

Let's await further devaluation of the currency and in about 5 years its nothing. :-))


How sensitive would a HP12C be to magnetic fields?

The case is fine for the 12c, it doesn't affect program memory. It DOES affect HP-65 magnetic program cards however, if they get too close.

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