15C re-release questions.


One month 'till June - why not more rumors regarding the potential 15c re-release? Wouldn't more rumor milling assist Sales?

Second, why would HP re-release the 15c the same year as the 30th anniversary of the 12c (1981-2011), and not the 30th anniversary of the 15c (1982-2012)? The timing is odd to me. Will the 15c somehow ride the 12c's anniversary's coattails?

Third, I am hoping against, and wondering why HP would only manufacture 10,000 initial units. I haven't seen hp15c.org mentioned here yet. That petition claims 14,347 people, in 174 countries, would buy 82,021 15c calculators. Is the 12% a reasonable economic decision? Was the petition even considered?

Finally, how are those 10,000 units going to be sold? According to Wikipedia, Staples has over 2,000 stores and Office Max has over 1,000 stores. That's about 3 units per store. What about Amazon, Walmart, Target?


I don't know any rumours apart from what I've seen on the board, but a number of the guys that I work with, seem to have picked up on it too.

I want this release to happen, will it, I don't know. If it does, at least it gives me hope that HP is still thinking about the scientific calculator crowd.



Maybe we can redo the math, because 10,000 seems to me to be a small number.

Staples           2000 * 5 units/store =  10,000
Office Max 1000 * 5 unit/store = 5,000
Amazon 15,000
Walmart 10000 * 5 units/store = 50,000
Target 7000 * 3 units/store = 21,000

Total 101,000

So a run of 100,000 units seems more likely than a piddle of 10,000. IF HP ever really does this then my guess is that there will be plenty of units to go around. No need for hoarding.

Of course many people on TAS will go out and buy these units from the retailers and selling them in auctions.


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What about Europe? Will we have to order from the States or will there be some units shipped over to us too?

10'000 units would make it very hard to find one here.



That is my concern too. If only 10 000 are produced we may not see any beyond the shores of the USA.


I assume this will be a mail order only offer, available in the HP online shop.


Staples only carries 3 calculators in the *current* line - none of them scientific. I think you can assume that they won't carry a 15C



Walmart 10000 * 5 units/store = 50,000

Does anyone really think that Wal-mart is going to do that?

... I am hoping against, and wondering why HP would only manufacture 10,000 initial units.

This number is fictitious. The original article that started this rumor did not say a number, only "limited run."
Finally, how are those 10,000 units going to be sold?

Most will be sold direct from HP's website. Most of the brick and mortar stores will not even be interested in stocking them.


It is very difficult to get products into brick and mortar stores. Often, to get something into a store it must replace an item making less gross profit dollars than the new addition. This can be very difficult to demonstrate to store corporate management.

After all, we all love HP calculators but how many brick and mortar stores carry HPs at all? How many that DO carry HPs carry more than one or two?


My recent calculators have indeed been purchased through online stores, as the calculators I am interested in have generally not been available in brick and mortar stores. They are generally cheaper online anyway. (Amazing though how new items are always more expensive on eBay).

However, I am also concerned then if the 15C will only be available on the HP online store, if it is only going to be the US store then we in the UK can't purchase because as of yet we cannot purchase there from outside the US. It also seems that the UK HP online store does not sell calculators online.

So please HP, make enough and make them available through the normal channels (online calculator stores etc.)


If one is truly desperate (and this might be such a case) there are ways around HP not shipping to Europe. I have a family member overseas and he uses a service in the US that acts as a forwarding agent. So a shipment will go out to the local (US) address and automatically get forwarded to the individual overseas. I have no idea how much this service costs but for certain items there is simply no other way to get them.


Some forum members might be helpful, too. :-)


Yup. Actually I would be happy to oblige but it looks like I am going to be right in the middle of a move if the "reported" dates turn out to be valid. If later than I will be happy to help out if I can.


Whatever is issued, it WILL be available in Europe. For sure.


Thank you Jose for your re-assurance and other forum members for offers of help. There is hope after all :)


Remember at the 2006 conference where HP handed out free HP-12C Anniversary Editions to all attendees? Maybe we'll get 15Cs this year!

Yes, I can hope.


Well, in my first post in this thread I mentioned I was puzzled why HP would re-release the 15c the same year as the 12c's anniversary? Wouldn't a 12c+ be a more appropriate giveaway for this years HHC? If the 15c is released this June, it might overshadow the 12c anniversary.

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Aside from occasionally selling a variant of an existing model with an anniversary logo, I really don't think HP does very much planning of new model introductions based on anniversaries. The 35s is the only one I can think of, and I suspect that the choice of the 35s model number was done more as a matter of recognizing the coincidence that they had a new scientific model to be introduced at approximately the anniversary of the 35, rather than based on any long-term planning for that anniversary. Of course, I wasn't involved, so I could be mistaken. Generally new products are designed and introduced as soon as they possibly can be, since the objective is to make as much revenue as possible.

Conference giveaways have generally been of new models, not old models that happen to be having an anniversary.

I really don't think that HP giving out something (or nothing) at a conference is going to overshadow the anniversary of anything.

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