wp34S V.865 - Can't Fill up Full Word in Comp Modes



I loaded version 865 this morning and found a bunch of issues repaired, for which I am grateful. However, now in either 1's or 2's compliment mode, I cannot enter a value which occupies all the bits in the word. For example, in either 1's or 2's compliment mode and with a 16-bit word, if I attempt to enter FFFF in hex, I get 7FFF instead. This seems to be the case in any base, and it was not like this before.



Hi Jake,

Thanks for the compliments. Assume you are talking about complements, however ;-> Anyway, you found another difference to 16C, where you can enter FFFF (h) and also 65535 (d) - the latter will be displayed as -1 (d) immediately if entered in 2's complement mode.


P.S.: On the WP 34S, press 1 [+/-] ENTER and you get FFFF (h). Yes, I know, it's just a workaround ...

Edited: 10 May 2011, 9:12 a.m.


Anyway, you found another difference to 16C...

But, it didn't work this way just two days ago. So this change was recently inserted intentionally? I have a 20b with a new ROM image flashed 3 hours ago which exhibits this behavior, and my 30b, which was flashed two days ago works like the 16C.



Jake, I guess that's due to the other discrepancy you discovered earlier. Remember it was concerning complements as well. So it looks like in mending this the new bug was introduced. Such is life - progress is a snail - or sometimes an elephant in a china shop ;-)


Edited: 10 May 2011, 11:16 a.m.


This is a result of the preserve the sign in a multiply fix :-(

- Pauli


Believed to be fixed now.
Hopefully without any other regressions.

- Pauli


The most recent build is in SVN.


The most recent build is in SVN.

Thanks, guys! The turnaround has been amazing.



It would have been faster if I wasn't asleep :-)

- Pauli

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