HP-15C LCD repair?


Is there ANY way to replace or exchange the LCD on my HP-15C? Has anyone found LCD replacements in electronics catalogs such as Newark or DigiKey? Thanks, ATP


fyi, there are several different 15 configurations. please post at least the first 4 digits of your serial number for more specific info. however, there are no generic replacements, regardless of which version you may have.


Thanks for responding orbita11. As you requested, my serial number is 2831A05795. Thanks. ATP


that sounds like a later unit, which is more difficult to repair. you can peel up each of the rubber feet and remove the four screws. careful, two small springs will fall out! i believe a 15C of that vintage will have all the parts mounted on a single PC board, which is also part of the keyboard. to access the display, you have to break all the heat stakes that hold the keyboard together. if you get that far, a display from a similar age 12C may work, but have fun getting it back together...not!


I have read your response to another persons question of LCD repair. My LCD crystal is cracked, I have been using it still as I can still read the first 6 digits, the crack is on the 8th. My serial is 2809A65730. Will a 12C display fit this? Thanks, Phil


Hi Phil,

A 12C display MIGHT fit your 15C. There are three different displays used in that series. One of the displays can be distingished by looking at the type of battery contacts. The only way to distingish the others is to take the calculators completely apart and taking the display out. I've replaced a number of the displays, give me a shout if you want me to see what I can do with it.


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