wp34S 838 x=0? or x=1? Locks Up in Run Mode



I was playing with x= and x<> in program and run modes and had no problem entering tests in program mode, comparing to two-digit register numbers or to the values zero or one. However in run mode, while tests against registers returns the expected "true" or "false", the same tests against zero or one locks the machine up hard, requiring the batteries to be pulled. I am running version 838 and tested it on both the 20b and 30b.



That must be the bug I'm hunting. The solver locks up in the same way. Thanks for the tests! I won't have the time to work on the problem today. Maybe later tonight.



With the newer version 843, the problems went away and neither of my units lock up any more.



Seems to be a compiler fault. I switched back from CodeSourcery to Yagarto and it worked. I would still like to use CodeSourcery's better optimization but not for the sake of stability.

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