Flashing WP-34S Image to an HP-30b


I have been following the continuing discussions of the ever improving WP-34s image and have downloaded the latest zip file from SourceForge.net. I have two HP-30bs and I would like to re-flash one of them with the 34s image (and yes, I have the special HP serial cable and I recently rebuilt an old desktop PC with serial ports to triple-boot Win98, WinMe and WinXP. I know, I know, why? The MB also supports 5 1/4" floppies but I got carried away, plus it was fun.). I don't know if any hardware modifications need to be done to the 30b but I don't think so.

I checked the 34s documentation but I saw no mention of how to flash the 20b/30b. I've also searched the HP Museum website using Google but any reference to past posts on this topic that show up in the search (using site:hpmuseum.org in the search), the HP museum website says it doesn't exist. I also searched the WP-34s section on SourceForge.net without success.

Now, I'm sure if I spend enough time and energy, I will eventually find this procedure but I suggest that it should be somewhere on the SourceForge website and here on the HP museum website so when someone is ready to look at and play with and then use this new calculator image, it can be easily found.

Finally, knowing me, I'm probably using the wrong search string. I've tried several but here's what I started with: "flashing WP 34s HP 30b site:hpmuseum.org".

Your responses are appreciated.


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The procedure is described in Tim's document: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10022608/Flashing%20a%2020b%20Calculator.pdf.

Hold ERASE and press ON. The calculator should seem dead now. Press RESET and ON. Now start SAM-BA and let it connect. Select the "board" at91sam7l128-ek and your com port.

Load your file and send it to the calculator (three minutes).
Execute the "Boot from flash" script from within SAM-BA.


Enjoy! :-)


Hey, I just tried to reflash a 30b and it worked perfectly on the first try! WooHoo!! Now for the fun stuff!

Edited: 9 May 2011, 1:47 p.m.

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