12C mention in WSJ


Wall Street's Cult Calculator Turns 30


Yep, Richard Nelson gets quoted, but I don't? :-) Ha!




No one will ever know now! lol :-)


Gene; Maybe they'll mention you for the 10B's 30th anniversary article, or the 35s. Hang in there. We're all pulling for you.


but Gene Wright - ?? - or Richard Nelson - no idea, sorry. ;-)



Oh, I associate Tony and Katie, for sure. :-)


Tony's the real 12C guru, I'm just a want-to-be.


Please, I want everybody to know, that my intention was _only_ to mention Tony, without any ranking. And the rest (Who is Gene? Richard??) was only a joke.



There is a 12C, 30yr Anniv. video at the WSJ as well:


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