Did anyone here buy this? Seems a bit high.


A recent TAS auction for an HP-92 sold for $1345. Although this vintage calc is somewhat rare, it still seems high to me, especially considering that it lacked the box. I have a complete set and paid less than 1/4 that much for it. It's interesting how much variation there is in prices paid for certain models at different times.

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It's interesting how much variation there is in prices paid for certain models at different times.

When you look into the bid history you see a typical situation: a bid war between two bidders. If you have enough money that's no problem; otherwise it's better to bid in the last seconds and enter your maximum bid once to avoid any expensive temptation ...


I was actually going to have a bid on this until I saw the prices go silly. The 92 is on my wish list. Even for a bidding war this was high. Cheers, Keith

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