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I was thinking of throwing together a database to document my little collection of calculators. I've come up with a list of attributes I think are worth recording:

  • Model or Part no.
  • Serial number
  • Date of manufacture (from serial no.)
  • Place of manufacture (from serial no.)
  • Thumbnail photo
  • Purchase price
  • Purchase date
  • Condition
  • Notes

Anything else worth including?


I've found that recording information about their power source(s) is useful too -- the number and type of batteries and maybe information on their external AC adapter as well. This is particularly useful for rechargeable calculators because it's often difficult to tell what was originally inside the machine if the battery pack has been removed for avoid leaking issues.



You might consider source. I use New:, Gift:, Flea marker:, Junk store:, ..., etc. where specific information can follow the colon if desired.


I would also add the serie ( Pioneer, Voyager ...)


These are all very good points. Thanks.


I'd include in a list of accessories included and a few pictures of each. Front, back, etc... something more than a thumbnail. This could double for insurance purposes.

One useful thing I've found (related to insurance and appraisals) is a list of "comprable sales" for replacement value. I have ebay listings printed out for several years showing "replacement value" on many mundane and rare calculators. This can be a challenge due to accessories and condition, but it's worth the work.

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