Instructions from HP for disassembling calculators


I was searching for something else entirely, and happened across this:


Pretty complicated just for the purpose of recycling.


looks like they are limited circulation, they have "HP Restricted" at the bottom page.


They can't really be "limited circulation" if they're posted on HP's web site.


Thanks for the heads-up. The content is in fact not HP-Restricted, and we'll be amending the documents to reflect that.


I guess, for the book, I should include in the 'tools appendix': a hammer and pliers! Or just get permission to include these instructions!


I find the smaller the calculator the larger the tools required to open it:

all of which helped open this watch:

Edited: 3 May 2011, 2:24 a.m.


Nice Geoff. Say ... I have all those tools in the garage. Maybe calculator repair won't be so hard after all. ;-)


Best of all is the classic 1701 (even if it has different labels) !


Hey Geoff, your attitude to personal safety is pretty poor -- there is no safety equipment shown at all.

You should always wear rigger-gloves, steel-toecap boots and a welding mask when undertaking any sort of calculator repair.


Hey Geoff, your attitude to personal safety is pretty poor -- there is no safety equipment shown at all.

Something like this should be fine:

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