[OT] Casio PRISM Current Draw?


Has anyone seen/taken any measurements of the Prism at both idle and running? Different brightness levels?



i'll do some...


ok, some quick results are:

max current when calculating (also on initial power up) = 30ma.
sitting in the main (color) menu = 11ma.
idling in the calculator (main app) = 7ma
[why this is less than when on the main menu, not sure. unless the brightness is slightly different here].
when screen goes dim = 3ma

one other thing is that the current draw seems to fluctuate by about 1.5ma all the time. not sure why. my numbers above are averages.


Interesting numbers. Thanks for that. I've been curious since it came out.



I expected that you did these measurements at HP already in December 2010 ;-))

Cheers, Joerg


Nope. Just personal interest is all.

Speaking of which, how about some inspiring CX numbers? :-)




These were pre-production models and I had to sign a NDA that I don't open the units or do any kind of reverse engineering.
I sent them back to Dallas a few days ago.



Well, how about on just any other nspire model? I don't think I've seen power readings on that either.




Give me a few days - it is not that easy.
The connection of the two 3V strings to the PCB isn't that straight forward.


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