different LCDs used in HP41C?


I have different 41's:

Two of them have a yellowish LCD with lesser contrast and smaller digits: S/N 2227S, 2243S

The other three have sharp, crisp LCDs with digits, that are slightly bigger: 2209S, 2411S, 2505S

My first guess had been, that the older ones have an other LCD in them.

But the S/N seem not to support this (or one of them had it's LCD broken and replaced by the newer product)

Were there two different products in use?

Has anyone similar differences?

I read about the tantalum capacitor story, but I don't see how this applies here.


There were at least 3 different LCD used for the HP-41.

On the early ones (I have an early 1981 CV), you can see the unlit segments quite easily depending on how the light falls on it. On the second generation, seeing the unlit segments is a lot harder and they also look brighter. This LCD was at least in production machines around 1983 (I do not own any machine with it) and later (1985/86) the rounded corner halfnut LCD was introduced.

I think your yellowish are from the first generation, but I do not think they are that bad or maybe they have gone worse over the years?

I think your 2209S machine have had its LCD (or bottom) swapped.


It's exactly as you said, for the first generation I can see the unlit segments quite easily. For the second gen. I hardly can see them.

(And I don't have a halfnut)

The yellowish ones are not bad, but in comparison to the others it's quite remarkable difference!

Thank you for the input.

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