After Gerson's rather nice quadratic solver routine, we figured it would be good if we could include some other keystroke programs as internal commands. So we've decided to accept code from everyone here for possible inclusion.

  1. Usefulness. Kind of self-explanatory.

  2. Brevity. The shorter the better. We don't have a huge amount of flash remaining and the more we fit in the better.

  3. Similarity. Any new user code program would ideally be as close as possible to a built in command. I.e. not use any stack levels beyond what its arguments take, return results in the stack and do something sensible with LastX.

Gerson's quadratic solver scores highly on all three of these criteria.

So if you've a pet function which we haven't included, code it as compactly as you can and submit it here.

Being internal code, there are a few extras and limitations.

  • Registers 00 through 04 and flags 00 through 14 are special internals and can be freely used without impacting the user's registers and flags. However, using these requires an extra instruction to prevent nesting and collisions.

  • The stack will always be four levels and cannot be changed.

  • The number of labels you can use is quite limited. Forward jumps and subroutines use labels 00 through 09 -- reuse these labels lots. Backward jumps are very very limited. Use the SKIP and BACK commands where ever possible.

Walter, Marcus and I will decide what, if anything, goes in. We'll also consider adding any submitted routines to the growing library of WP-34S code.

- Pauli

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