HP 41CX Decimal Point restore



After replacing the batteries, the decimal point became a comma, and can not restore it. Also I always used 4 decimals before and that does not come back either. I have the Basics Volume 1 only, and Volume 2 or 3 (?) handles that.
Could you help?

Thank you

Joseph Banki


SF 28

Flag 28 controls the behaviour; when set the separator between the integer and decimal part is a period and the digit separator for the powers of three (if set) is a comma, and when cleared the semantics are reversed.


Hello SPB;

It worked, and thank you very much.



That sounds more than strange. Replacing the batteries definitely does not affect the display setting or anything else of interest. Maybe something happened that put the 41 in an undefined state. If the calculator does not hold any important data I would recommend a master clear: Turn off, hold down the backspace key (left arrow), press ON and release all keys. This will reset and clear the whole unit, all data is lost and the calculator returns to its default settings. Including the display (FIX 4, decimal point, thousands separators on). So 12345 will display as "12,345.0000".

The decimal separator is controlled by Flag 28. Use CF 28 for a comma or SF 28 for a point (= default).

The thousands separator is controlled by Flag 29. Use CF 29 to turn it off or SF 29 to turn it on (= default).

The display format is set with FIX, SCI or ENG and the number of digits you want. You say Fix 4 "does not come back either". So you press FIX 4 and nothing happens?!? In this case it's definitely time for a reset.



Hello Dieter;

Thank you for the advices. As I posted to SPB, the calculator works properly now, decimal points, thousand separator and digits.
Appreciate your help.Thanks again


Or time to get out of Alpha mode. :-)

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