Value of the Museum


There has been a lot of negative talk recently. Here is my 2 bobs worth (Australian slang) and hopefully we can put some perspective on this.

This site is an invaluable resource. Indeed it is a treasure. Where else can you get the information and insight into those marvellous electronic devices we dearly love?

I thank Dave for allowing me to visit and participate in this wonderful site. I also thank all the volunteers and participants who make visiting here such a rich experience.

God bless you all.



There has been a lot of negative talk, I agree. But... we can simply disregard them at all and keep living. Why bother ourselves for that nonsensed smalltalk? Makes me remember listening to Paul Simom at New York (I only have the CD) when asked: "Say a few words!", to whom he answered: " (...) Let's hope that we... continue to live."

I hope Dave remember us all before feeling sad about the bad stuff. We support you as far as we can, right falks?

I'd add: "Nothing more to say".

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