free42 runs on Curtis KLU LT8025??


Hi e'1!! Anybody have a Curtis KLU LT8025?? I'm thinking of getting one and if i do, i want to put free42 on it, but don't know if it will run. the Klu is Android 2.1 o/s, 800x600 tablet, 2gb x 32gb, 256ram, Processor: IMAPx200 ARM 11 1 GHz. THANX!


At least it runs on my Archos 70 Internet tablet. Chances are high that your device will be supported, too. You will have to find a suitable skin, though.


I believe that model has a resistive touchscreen... I once had the opportunity to play with an Archos 5, which has a resistive touchscreen as well, and I didn't like it. I find the capacitive ones *much* nicer to use -- you only have to touch the capacitive ones, while the resistive ones require pressure. YMMV, of course, but I'd recommend trying one to make sure that that is something you can live with.

(Regarding Free42 compatibility: I can't promise that Free42 will run on the LT8025, but I haven't received any reports of Free42 not working on any Android >= 1.5 device so far, so the odds appear to be good. There are one or two where the skins don't get scaled properly... Best thing to do is to try before you buy, if Free42 compatibility is a must for you.)

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