wp34s stability update


I've prepared a new stability release to the wp34s flash image. It's still in SVN only, not yet in the release package. There are significant changes in the internal workings (keyboard scan, timers, power management) and only a few adaptions in the visible part of the software. So it is still at version 1.17.

It would be nice to hear from a few educated testers if the ROM image is stable enough for being put in the release package. Any comments are welcome.


I would not call myself educated, but it seems stable to me. The only program I have entered is as follows:

001: LBL A
002: 1
003: +
004: GTO A
005: RTN

If I let the above run for 60 seconds, both the 20b and 30b on which I am loading each version of the ROM count up to about 170,000.

I noticed that the BATT command returns 3.0 on both the 20b and 30b. A couple versions ago, I was getting 2.9 on the 20b and 2.8 on the 30b. I did not change batteries, so I was curious if this function has changed.

On the 30b, I noticed that when I turn it off the "Bye..." message appears only fleetingly, while on the 20b the message appears for a brief time (maybe 0.5 second?) and then the display fades away. Is there a hardware difference which causes this?


The voltage display may be inaccurate because of the way it is measured (which has changed with the latest release. I'll check that again.) You can get a better result if you run BATT in a loop and display the value with PSE.

The "Bye..." message is a new addition. I start calculating the SRAM checksum and at the same time let fade the display out in an interrupt routine. I might be that both calculators have different performance so that you can see a difference but I'm not sure about this. If Tim could send me the original 30b firmware, I will try it on my 30b too.


I have the 30b firmware....ping me if you want it!


build 718 issues:
- P(69,2) briefly displays the correct result, then replaces X with an integer.
- this appears on the 30B/WP34S hardware, but not on the windows emulator.


Damn, the keyboard driver issue again! I was hoping I fixed it. :(

I just tried again on my hardware and there is no problem so it seems to be hardware dependent. I've increased the delay and committed a new build. Can you test it?


If you have already downloaded revision 725 from SVN, ignore it because it's broken. Get the latest release before you flash!

EDIT: Sorry for the confusion! It seemed to be a local problem with my working copy.

Edited: 24 Apr 2011, 5:10 a.m. after one or more responses were posted


I downloaded earlier, and it caused reboots of the 30b. Will try latest later today.


You are suggesting ignoring 725 and waiting on the next release, correct?

And, as 725 is the highest revision of calc.bin out there right now... wait a bit longer? :-)


I did an update which should work. There must have been something wrong with the image I was assuming to be 725. Just get what is in the repository and try it. If it's broken it hangs directly on reset. If you can type in something, it's ok.


I've got 725 flashed in here and it seems to be fine for all that I've tried.

- Pauli

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