Voyager key repair?


I bought a 16C on eBay with a messed up 5 key. The key still has a click and still registers, but there seems to be less travel then the other keys (the problem is especially noticeable if you use the 16c while its sitting on a desk instead of holding it in the hand and pressing the keys with the thumbs).

Is this something that can be fixed, or should I try to get a return? I have a USA 12c with a similar feeling on the FV key (though not as bad) which I can use for practice.


If the click is still noticable it must be the rubberpad, that has a worn-out spot exactly there.

This could IMHO easily be replaced from an other spare voyager (say a cheap 12C from EBAY).
There is just some efford needed to get underneed the PCBoard and for the putting together afterwards!

If the 16c is functioning properly besides the keyboard problem, I would consider repairing the issue and not sending it back.
Maybe you will be lucky and get some refund though.

good luck

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