HP65 vs HP67 card reader


ciao a tutti,

I'm trying to repair the HP65 shown on the left of the picture,

it is working but the previous owner has ruined the head cabling.

Between my HP67s I have found the one pictured on the right,

which differently from the others has a card reader apparently identical.

What do you think ??

Can I take this HP67 card reader and use it on the HP65 ??

Or, on the other hand, does anyone has ever found a replacement for
the HP65 magnetic head ??

As usual, thanks for any suggestion, enjoy the weekend !!!



Ciao Alberto,

IMHO, you can swap entirely the card reader assembly (head/motor/Reader PCB) among the calculators. The 67's sense-amplifier is compatible with the 65, I have changed this chip with success in one of mine.
For sure you can't make damage to the calculator's logic PCB.

About your second question,

Or, on the other hand, does anyone has ever found a replacement for the HP65 magnetic head ??

take a look at this old post:


Let me know how the work proceeds,
take care.



Ciao Ignazio,
I sure will !!

Thank you very much for the hint, take care Alberto

Didn't we have to call each other on the phone over the weekend ??

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