HP 10bII+ first impressions


We have received the new HP10bII+ and have posted our first impressions

HP 10bII+ first impressions

While not a substitute for the whole review that will come in a few days, I think that there is another candidate for repurposing - with a far better keyboard than the 20b!


Thanks for the review. Now that I'm in the repurposing business, I would love to see a review of the ongoing wp34s project.


I was thinking of devoting a post on my blog to the very same...

And in terms of repurposing projects - I believe that most of the elements are in place to create a '15c+' using the new 12c+ as the hardware, and reusing functions from the wp34s. Matrix operations to mimic the 15c's would need to be developed though.

<hides under desk>


The screen makes it not worthwhile.

- Pauli


FYI - There are no other connectors of interest inside (JTAG), nor a place for a crystal or any additions. The circuit board is quite bare compared to the 20/30b.



Keep it simple ... keep it cheap. ;-)


Yep, not much in there except for test points, lots of shorted resistor locations and open capacitor locations. Most of the test points seem to be the keyboard scan lines, but not all of them.



So what are the six points named ERASE1,GND1,NRSTB1,DRX01,DTX01,VCC1 for? I thought those were the wanted pins?


They'll be the serial programming pins.

- Pauli


From the pictures, it looks like to be a solid machine.


Please, please...I am praying this has RPN! has it?


No, algebraic or chain mode only.


At least it adds algebraic mode to the 10b feature set.

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We tried hard to put it in (even as a hidden mode or something), but I can tell you that there was a lot of research done with various professors and real estate people (the main target for this machine) and it was unanimous that even if it was well hidden they didn't want it in there. . .

Too much concern about possibility of messing things up for students and test takers. Yeah, I think it is dumb too but the target research was clear.



...but the target research was clear.

To recall something something that I think most here already know:

From HP's own website, see the Fun Fact on this page. (I know this is on the Museum site too, but I like to remind manufacturers what's on their own website :-)

Without which we may never have been here at all! Thanks Bill :-)


Yes we would need mighty large pockets to carry a "calculator be the size of a typewriter or adding machine" had marketing had their way. ;-)


Without which we may never have been here at all! Thanks Bill :-)

There already were some pocket sized four-bangers. Sooner or later some manufacturer was going to build a pocket sized scientific calculator. H-P's good fortune was that they built the first one, even though everyone knows that it took a really big pocket to hold an HP-35.

Here are my first impressions of the 10bii+. I plan to have a full review of the 10bii+ in a few days.

First Look at HP 10bii+

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Wow! I look forward to the full review!

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